360 Review: EA 2006 FIFA World Cup


I finally got around to playing EA’s latest soccer game last week. As everyone else gripes, there’s usually not too much updated between releases, but I tend to get excited anyway. My first complaint was the default controls. Sure, I’m the type of gamer that hates the default controls on most PC games, but it’s usually pretty hard to mess up the controls on a console sports game…

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What Would Chris Hansen Do?


MaxConsole.net reports that Marvel Comic’s Mark Miller thinks gamers are ‘pedos’. I’m willing to bet we’ll see a Comic Book Dork(tm) on ‘To Catch a Predator‘ before we will a real gamer. You know, as much as I’m a fanboy of Kevin Smith, I still can’t fathom collecting comic books. I won’t admit to owning the first two issues of the Ren and Stimpy comic either. Nope, I won’t do it.

Super Bowl Thoughts


I didn’t expect the Bears to win, though sure it would’ve been great. What a start! But then an exciting game in the first half turned to blah in the second. The worst part, however, was post game. Why did Peyton Manning win MVP? There’s a sympathy vote if I’ve ever seen one, for what has been one of the better choke artists of the last few years of NFL playoffs. Give it to Rhodes, he did more for the Colts than Manning by a mile. To top it off, what’s with the “god” speeches? I respect Dungy as much as the next guy, but there’s nothing more irking than a god speech. To be fair, the owner and his Magnum P.I. mustache were even worse with the ‘almighty’.

Oh well, congratulations to the Colts, and for the most part, good season to the Bears. It’ll suck if the coaching staff gets torn apart by Rivera and gang going after head coaching jobs, even though they deserve it. With football now done until next fall, hopefully the NHL will get a little more interesting until the MLS starts up. Nothing else interesting in American sports until fall rolls back around.



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