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Internet Support…


I’ve been using Windows 7 64bit for a few months now, and I really haven’t had much to complain about. The new OS is fast and stable. My only nitpick is that the aero theme’s window border is too wide.. even when trimmed down to the minimum. Pretty OCD huh? Despite throwing a bunch of old games at it, I haven’t had a single issue. In fact, the only two issues I’ve had have been music related. First, I can’t get my iPod to sync properly in iTunes 64, though it continues to work perfectly in the matching 32bit version in a VM of my old XP setup. I’ve been using that as a workaround for a while and it’s not too painful. Secondly, Last.FM doesn’t have a plug-in for Windows Media Player 64. There’s a hack from Vista 64 to make the 32bit version of WMP be the default, but what’s the point if there’s a 64bit version for you? Finally, it took RedDragCZ to recompile the 32bit Last.FM WMP plug-in to 64bit. A quick register and it worked like a champ. Now I can use WMP for quick song/album listens from explorer while iTunes continues to be my playlist client.

Delta Force Xtreme 2


Xtremely similar to Novalogic’s last 5 games. But there’s a reason for that. It’s the same engine, the same objects, and roughly the same gameplay. The vehicles are all tweaked but familiar, as are the guns. The buildings make you feel transported back to your old favorite maps from Black Hawk Down. It’s a budget game.. a $30 filler to make the company some more money as they struggle towards finishing their latest upgrade to the same old thing, Angel Falls. So if it’s the same thing.. why not play the old thing?

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Nova Who?


Yesterday Novalogic released an open beta of their new offering, Delta Force Xtreme 2. The game is based off the same engine as their last 15 games, uses the same in game building, vehicle and scenery objects and gameplay is fairly much the same. The only notable changes are support for higher resolutions, improved hitbox and… I’ll be damned.. updated netcode. Novalogic, well known for their server lag and magic bullets, have actually worked on and improved their network code. I’ll be in the beta most nights with a pile of CTD, come watch me whine.



Haven’t had much time for games lately, which sucks.  Got to play a bunch of Trackmania Nations Forever over the holiday with the kids which was a blast. I’ll do a write up on that in a day or two. Otherwise, I’ve been limited to playing poker at Pokerstars while I clean up and sort my digital photo archive. Read more »

World War 2, Again…


COD5 came out this week and after all the fun I’ve had with COD4 I figured I’d go ahead and grab it. WW2 has been done a million times, which baffles me as I’m much more into modern shooters. The game itself is basically COD4 with a WW2 mod. All visual and game play aspects are basically identical, from the menus to the in game control. There’s a few variances that maybe I just haven’t worked out yet, like stand and jump are the same button. No more tapping the crouch key a second time to stand back up. Anyway, on to the game play… Read more »



I’ve been playing on the Blackhats Zombie server in COD4. It’s near pitch black.. standard maps.. Wave after wave of zombies. The mod is basic, and the AI follows a very obvious path, but the sheer numbers of the enemy coming at you makes it tricky at times. Probably the most teamwork necessary mod I’ve played in a long time. Fun times.

Dear iTunes,


I want to make you my everything, I really do. But you don’t support the “mood” tag. I know it’s not technically in the id3 standard, but it adds so much to your beloved Smart Playlists. I’ve gone so far with my other software girlfriend, Tag & Rename, and they have a mood field.

Please. Please please, add a single field so all my Tag & Rename work isn’t for naught.

Taggin… still.


Entering year 2 of the taggin’ fest. Not like I’ve been doing it daily, but at least a handful a week. I’ll have to write up a nauseating post on the intricacies of being this anal about music sometime.

Pub Raping Kings


After 6 years of playing against and alongside CTD, a few weeks ago I was invited to join. Thanks.

April Tools Day


There’s no day like April 1st to prove that nerds aren’t funny. Looking through my RSS feeds I see the stupidest headlines and “gags”. None are worth clicking on, none are remotely creative, none are plausible and not a god damn one of them is funny. Go ahead, look yourself at the usual places nerds fester in their own filth; slashdot, engadget, thinkgeek, etc. From what I’ve seen, nothing creative was laid down yesterday. Cmon nerds. Stick to what you’re good at. Let others do the comedy.