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I’ve been using Windows 7 64bit for a few months now, and I really haven’t had much to complain about. The new OS is fast and stable. My only nitpick is that the aero theme’s window border is too wide.. even when trimmed down to the minimum. Pretty OCD huh? Despite throwing a bunch of old games at it, I haven’t had a single issue. In fact, the only two issues I’ve had have been music related. First, I can’t get my iPod to sync properly in iTunes 64, though it continues to work perfectly in the matching 32bit version in a VM of my old XP setup. I’ve been using that as a workaround for a while and it’s not too painful. Secondly, Last.FM doesn’t have a plug-in for Windows Media Player 64. There’s a hack from Vista 64 to make the 32bit version of WMP be the default, but what’s the point if there’s a 64bit version for you? Finally, it took RedDragCZ to recompile the 32bit Last.FM WMP plug-in to 64bit. A quick register and it worked like a champ. Now I can use WMP for quick song/album listens from explorer while iTunes continues to be my playlist client.


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