Delta Force Xtreme 2


Xtremely similar to Novalogic’s last 5 games. But there’s a reason for that. It’s the same engine, the same objects, and roughly the same gameplay. The vehicles are all tweaked but familiar, as are the guns. The buildings make you feel transported back to your old favorite maps from Black Hawk Down. It’s a budget game.. a $30 filler to make the company some more money as they struggle towards finishing their latest upgrade to the same old thing, Angel Falls. So if it’s the same thing.. why not play the old thing?

The one thing that makes Novalogic games almost worthwhile, through all the cheats and weapon nerfing, is the community. It’s a small breed of dedicated gamers that have played around eachother for years. You know who the cheats are and you know who deserves respect. New faces come and usually go, but there’s a few squads that have been there game after game.

So how does this game stack up? It’s not bad. Kind of a cop out of a review, but it’s playable. The beta was fun and Nova kept the updates rolling. But big issues like a weapon reload on vehicle exit remain. The new maps are hit and miss, though the half assed AI in the Co-Op mode are actually kind of fun. It’s easier to hit someone with a bullet than in Joint Operations, but less intense than BHD. The vehciles kill the game, tanks are overpowered, helicopters and APC’s are made of paper. Being able to spawn on said vehicles is a nice move up for Nova, though the previously mentioned reload bug when jumping out of them all but negates the advantage.

We’ll see how this goes, it’s fun, at least until Call of Duty: Modern Combat 2 comes out.


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