Haven’t had much time for games lately, which sucks.  Got to play a bunch of Trackmania Nations Forever over the holiday with the kids which was a blast. I’ll do a write up on that in a day or two. Otherwise, I’ve been limited to playing poker at Pokerstars while I clean up and sort my digital photo archive.

I haven’t dumped any real money in yet, but the play tables are keeping me occupied for now. Play is obviously different when there’s nothing really on the line, but every once in a while I’ll stumble across a table with people who are playing as if it was their money. I’ve also entered a couple of tourneys and even finished in the money. A whole 40 cents got deposited to my real money bankroll. Awww yeah. Pokerstars has a decent interface, customizable table layouts and generally decent people. Often players are too slow to act but there are fast play tables with shorter timeouts, though not under pot limit. There also seem to be a lot of disconnects that delay play but those people generally get their hand folded and you don’t hear from them again. Overall, a worthy little poker service for the time between the real games with friends or at the Casino.


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