World War 2, Again…


COD5 came out this week and after all the fun I’ve had with COD4 I figured I’d go ahead and grab it. WW2 has been done a million times, which baffles me as I’m much more into modern shooters. The game itself is basically COD4 with a WW2 mod. All visual and game play aspects are basically identical, from the menus to the in game control. There’s a few variances that maybe I just haven’t worked out yet, like stand and jump are the same button. No more tapping the crouch key a second time to stand back up. Anyway, on to the game play…

Starting off in multiplayer, I have to say it was awful. The default guns are about as useless as you can get, and hitting the side of a train was near impossible. It felt like I had to put two clips into an enemy to get them to fall. Then I realized I wasn’t playing in the Hardcore mode I’d grown accustomed to in COD4. Once I fixed my server filter settings, things started to look up. A couple well placed bullets dropped anyone, just like COD4. Ranking up a couple of times until you start getting the semi and full automatic weapons doesn’t hurt any.

The maps themselves are insane. Mostly small, highly detailed and lush. I haven’t seen more detailed maps in ages. Little details are built into every map. The game plays smooth as silk on my 9800GX2+ at full 1920×1200 resolution. The audio has solid surround effects and your teammates are full of timely and accurate dialog. From screaming at you to get moving to warning you of enemy encroachment, I’m very pleasantly surprised by the chatter between units.

As I said, this is basically COD4 with a WW2 look, but with better map design and the higher quality textures. Multiplayer bonuses follow the previous model with Recon Plane (UAV), Artillery (air strike), and attack dogs (helicopter). Yes, I said attack dogs. The one thing that I wasn’t expecting. The first couple of maps I saw some dogs running around and didn’t think much of them. I couldn’t shoot them, so I figured they were just some random visual to play with like cows in Diablo. No, not even close. A few maps later the other team sent out the dogs and I was quickly mauled and killed. These things are lethal. Highly entertaining, and even more annoying.

Overall, I have to say it’s fun. In a day or two I’ve ranked up to the mid 20′s (not nearly as time consuming as BF2), I’ve got a couple automatic guns, and I’m really enjoying the firefights the tight maps give. I was very dismayed early on and regretting the $50 on it, but now I’m glad I stuck it out.



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